Do dogs and cats need veterinary neurologist?

The simple answer to this question is “yes”.

Dogs and cats, the same as we, human beings have some diseases which primarily and sometimes exclusively affect the nervous system. Neurological disease can be located in the central or peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system diseases include diseases of brain and spinal cord (spine). The peripheral nervous system diseases include diseases of the nerve roots, peripheral nerves and the muscles.

The knowledge in human and in veterinary medicine is constantly expanding. In human medicine we are used to go to specialist if we need special sophisticated examinations in order to get the most effective therapy of the condition. The same situation is in veterinary medicine. Dogs and cats with neurological disease often need special examinations which are not available in every veterinary clinic.

Aisti has specialised to animal neurology and has personnel trained in this field and all the needed up-to-date equipment. All the neurological disturbances can be examined and treated (including neurosurgery) in Aisti.

What are the most frequent examples of the neurological disease?

Paralysis and seizures are definitely the most frequent neurological diseases of dogs and cats. Pain (back pain), lameness, balance problems, abnormal coordination, abnormalities in the mental status and behaviour as well as poor physical performance are the other examples of the possible neurological disease. Lameness, losses of muscle strength and/or atrophy, muscle tremor, muscle spasms are usually indicating neurological dysfunction.