Price list


General examinationi 15 min.81€
General examination 15-30 min. 91€
Neurological or orthopedical examination118-149€
III/IV combination vaccination74€
III/IV combination vaccination + Rabies81€
Rabies vaccination71€
Teeth cleaning (scaling) for cats145-150€
Teeth cleaning (scaling) for dogs145-260€
Milk teeth removal160€
Microchipping during other procedures or another pet of the same owner44€
Pregnancy ultrasound 91€
Castration of a cat108€
Sterilization of a cat174€
Castration of a dog, under 20 kg315€
Castration of a dog, over 20 kg365€
Sterilization of a dog, under 20 kg450€
Sterilization of a dog, 20-50 kg504€
Sterilization of a dog, over 50 kg555€