General practise

General practice is about preventative healthcare, dental care, identification marking (microchipping), sterilization and castration surgeries. It is also treatment of eye, ear and skin diseases and the treatment of anal gland problems. In addition, euthanasia and various emergency cases are also part of general practice.

Preventative healthcare includes vaccination of dogs and cats and health examinations. Vaccinations are recommended to be given only to healthy animals.

All dogs, cats and ferrets traveling abroad have to be microchipped. Microchip is required in animals taking part in shows and contests. Microchip is also essential in case a pet gets lost.

Dental care includes teeth cleaning and, if needed, removal of pour conditioned teeth or milk teeth that have not fallen out. Oral health affects the pet`s quality of life, and it needs to be taken good care of!

Eye inflammation is one of the most common eye diseases and should be treated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Most common symptoms of an ear infection are head shaking, ear scratching, head tilt, red and swollen ear canal and/or secretion in the ear canal. The veterinarian will perform an otoscopy and make necessary further examinations to ensure right treatment for the cause of the problem.

Treatment may also be necessary in case the pet has eaten something of a toxic substance, been bitten by a snake, having a heatstroke or has injured itself. Appropriate first aid given by the owner before getting to the vet can speed the pet`s recovery.