We are a full service animal hospital in Vantaa

We offer modern diagnostics and facilities of top standard

24 h emergency duty

Aisti is on duty 24 hours a day and a veterinarian is always present. During duty hours we are able to immediately treat any emergencies your pet may have and to provide first aid in acute illnesses.

General practice

Of course we also take care of your pet's everyday health care. General practice is about preventative healthcare, dental care, identification marking (microchipping), sterilization and castration surgeries. 

Modern diagnostics methods

We utilize all modern day diagnostics methods. In Aisti, we have both computer aided tomography (CAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Neurology is our specialty

Aisti is specialised in animal neurology and has highly trained staff in this field in addition to top-notch modern equipment. All the neurological problems can be examined and treated (including neurosurgery) in Aisti.

All veterinary and animal healthcare services from Aisti

Welcome to Aisti

We treat patients from all over the country. We are a small but top standard animal hospital with personal and competetive care around the clock.


Emergency duty 24 h: call us (+358) (0)10 423 2142