Emergency duty

The animal clinic Aisti is open from 07.00-20.00 daily and on duty for the remaining hours. A veterinarian is always present. During duty hours the aim is to immediately treat any emergencies your pet may have and to provide first aid in acute illnesses. In case the situation is life-threatening or requires immediate surgical help, the clinic is also prepared to perform emergency surgeries. Further diagnostic tests and ‘non-emergency’ cases are primarily handled during normal opening hours (Monday-Friday 9 am – 4 pm).

Should your pet have an acute, serious neurological problem (eg. sudden onset of paralysis, severe epileptic seizures, etc.) during the weekend there is also a neurological specialist on duty and we can examine such emergencies immediately.

The phone number to the emergency service is the clinics usual number: 010-42 32 142. It is possible to make appointments for the duty hours over the phone. In any case we kindly ask that you always call the clinic before coming in so that we know to expect you and can also inform you of the current queue situation. We try to honour duty-time appointments as well as possible, but during the duty-hours emergency cases have priority and are treated first. Here are the driving instructions to the clinic.

During duty hours a surcharge applies to procedure prices. Before 10 pm the surcharge is 50% and 10 pm – 8 am the surcharge is 100%. We are unfortunately unable to arrange for later billing for duty visits and therefore visits to the emergency room must be paid in full. Despite our best efforts there are some days when we are unable to arrange a veterinarian to be present, and on such days we are not able to provide the on-duty service.